The Threats

unrestrained growth is the major threat to the granite dells

Growth is inevitable, and it supports our standard of living. 


But it need not be at the cost of quality of life. Major developments are closing in on the Granite Dells.


We cannot let these plans compromise the decades-long vision to protect the Dells as Prescott’s premier public park. 

prescott is enduring its most dramatic growth ever

The Prescott City Council has recently approved Deep Well Ranch, an 1,800 acre development that will add more than 10,000 homes over the next few decades.


And the Prescott Valley Council just approved Jasper, a 2,900 home development on the north slopes of Glassford Hill.


This is in addition to the currently in-progress Granite Dells Estates, which will include more than 900 homes on 1,110 acres just northeast of the Dells, and Walden Ranch, which is bringing 215 homes just to the northwest of the Dells.


Urban sprawl is creeping ever closer to one of Arizona's most spectacular natural wonders: the Granite Dells.

AED is proposing the largest Granite Dells development ever

Jasper, Walden, and Deep Well are a done-deal. But a bigger threat is looming.


Arizona “Eco” Development, the owner of Prescott Valley’s Jasper subdivision and commercial development near the airport, has submitted two new annexation/rezoning applications which include more than 2,600 homes on over 2,500 acres – including the northern portion of the Granite Dells on both side of the Peavine and Iron King Trails.

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