Save the Dells is a grassroots group of Prescott area residents committed to preserving the iconic Granite Dells landscape as permanently protected public open space for the benefit of wildlife, for our quality of life, and for a sustainable economy.


We came together in July of 2016 out of concern for the future of the Granite Dells knowing that major developments were on the horizon
– including Arizona Eco Development’s proposal to build homes on 2,500 acres in the Granite Dells and surrounding area.


We got organized around a table at a downtown coffee shop, and
18 months later made our organization public, in January 2018.


We are business owners, students, educators, public servants, scientists, doctors, realtors, athletes, retirees and more.


Whatever our background is, we all value the Dells as Prescott's crown jewel of our spectacular natural surroundings.


We recognize that protecting the Dells is the right choice
for our economy, our quality of life, and our community identity.


We represent Prescott's vibrant
and diverse economy, coming from the private, public, non-profit, and academic sectors.


We all call Prescott home, we earn and spend our money here, and we see a future where the Dells are
Prescott's own "Central Park".


We are thinking BIG about what’s best for our town for generations
to come.


We can choose a future where treasured landscapes are spared from destruction.

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