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Growth & DEvelopment

A changing landscape

Save the Dells has carefully listened to the voices and concerns of the people of Prescott and the greater region. Main concerns include the extent and quality of growth and development in the region. The massive 10,000-home Deep Well Ranch development (with a projected 22,000 new residents) and the threat to the core of the Granite Dells by Arizona Eco Development shocked the citizens of the area. 


Growth is inevitable, and it supports our standard of living-- but it need not be at the cost of quality of life. Mass grading, monotonous production housing, and the impact on our water supply raised significant concerns. We have listened and acted on these concerns. Save the Dells advocates for development policies at the local, county, and state levels that reflect a forward-looking vision to maintain or enhance our quality of life with respect to sustainable population levels and available supporting infrastructure.

Not all growth is created equal...

What can smart and sustainable growth look like?


  • Water-conscious planning and usage focusing on decreasing our cumulative aquifer overdraft and judicious allocation to new users

  • High quality projects that address real community needs and provide equitable tradeoffs, such as functional open space 

  • Consideration of a variety of development strategies including infill of existing vacant parcels already within city limits and creative "green design”

  • Intentional, well-paced population growth, a vision reflected in the voter-approved General Plan, that allows for municipal services and infrastructure to adapt and accommodate this increase without creating service and quality of life issues

  • Thoughtful development/construction practices that respect and incorporate the community’s character and integrate organically into the landscape as opposed to mass grading and replacement of native vegetation for less hardy/more water-intensive non-native landscaping

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It can't be done alone!

Save the Dells recognizes the importance of true regional cooperation at all levels if we are to achieve a sustainable, thriving trajectory of growth & development. As an economic hub in Central Yavapai, the decisions we make in our own towns, villages and cities have ripple effects on all of our neighboring communities across the county.

We need decision-makers across the Quad Cities and Yavapai County to put our future first, listen to community concerns, and commit to working toward this shared vision of our region thriving for generations to come.

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