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2021 local elections

planning our shared future

8/25/21 Update: On August 3rd, 2021 all three candidates were elected by landslide margins! Phil Goode will become Prescott's new mayor, and Brandon Montoya and Eric Moore will join the city council lineup. 

Jessica Hall will advance to the November 2nd General Election unopposed after Grant Quezada withdrew from the race in late August.

As we have seen over the past four years of work to save the heart of the Granite Dells from development, local leadership plays the determining role in the outcome of high-impact community decisions like the proposed Arizona Eco Development annexation, the allocation of water resources, and the planning of our shared future. We need a city council that champions conservation and responsible water management and commits wholly to an ethic of transparency and public representation in these decisions.


This year, there are three council seats and one mayoral seat up for re-election on the Prescott City Council. These positions will be decided by the primary election on August 3rd and the general election on November 2nd, 2021.

Official Candidate Report Card
Our Report Card Rubric
Learn about the candidates that Save the Dells feels are most suitable for these positions:

City Council Candidates
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Campaign Website



Campaign Website



Campaign Website

  • ​ Supports the position, initiatives, and goals of Save the Dells

  • Supports Citizens Water Advocacy Group's position on our regional water issues and the flow of the Verde River

  • Respects citizens and encourages more public input

  • Supports slower-paced growth supporting our quality of life

  • Promotes transparency in decision-making with no public policy made behind closed doors

  • HAS NOT AND WILL NOT take any campaign contributions from developers

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