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water conservation

What does water conservation have to do with saving the Granite Dells or the Granite Dells Regional Park & Preserve?

Everything! Water fills our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs for recreation, sustains wildlife and valuable riparian landscapes like the Granite Creek corridor, and connects us to the Verde River—our common life thread throughout all of the Yavapai County region.


Water keeps us alive, flows through our communities, and fills up our glasses. It’s the limiting factor for new growth and development. Water is essential to every aspect of life, and as our most precious resource a secure water future is imperative to a secure community future for Prescott and the surrounding area for generations to come.

The Water Problem—
Threats to a Secure Water Future in the Quad Cities Area

Water experts have been sounding the alarm on an imperiled water supply for decades, and it’s time we got serious about addressing the crisis before it’s too late.

The following issues pose significant threats to a sustainable and secure water future for the Quad Cities area and beyond:

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The Water Solution—
Acknowledging & Avoiding a Potential Future Water Crisis

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Water experts widely agree that in addition to individual measures for water conservation, there must be structural and regional actions taken as well.


The following solutions have been proposed to begin addressing the most urgent aspects of the water crisis:

  • Foster regional cooperation across Yavapai County to create a coordinated and sustainable water resource management plan.

  • Limit growth and additional water users according to the volume needed to attain sustainable yield.

  • Prohibit groundwater use for landscape irrigation.

  • Refuse water service without annexation in future subdivisions of any size.

  • Require all new subdivisions to be groundwater neutral, that is zero net groundwater consumption.

additional resources

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Save the Dells proudly supports The Citizens Water Advocacy Group as the leading expert group on local and regional water issues. Learn more about our water and what you can do to help at their website below.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Threats to Our Water Supply

Regional Cooperation & Planning

Protecting the Verde River

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