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Save the Dells started as the grassroots effort of Prescott area residents committed to preserving the iconic Granite Dells landscape as permanently protected public open space for the benefit of wildlife, for our quality of life, and for a sustainable economy.

We are business owners, students, educators, public servants, scientists, doctors, realtors, athletes, retirees and more. Whatever our background is, we all value the Dells as Prescott's crown jewel of our spectacular natural surroundings, and we are thinking BIG about what’s best for our region for generations to come.

As Political Action Committee (PAC) active in Prescott for over six years, we know that the job isn't over with the completion of the Arizona Eco Development (AED) Annexation- in fact, we're just getting started.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all residents of Central Yavapai County, including area leaders, are informed and engaged in decisions that reflect our values, promote continued open space conservation, result in science-informed sustainable water-management policies, and address the concerns of the public regarding growth, thereby enabling all members of our diverse community to achieve a good quality of life while preserving natural ecosystems.

Our Mission

As champions of expanded and protected open space and other issues important to the people of the
region, and in collaboration with like-minded area groups, Save the Dells will continue to use its voice
and influence to address these critical issues that impact our quality of life and that of future
generations. We aim to secure benefit for people, wildlife, and community.

Our Plan of action

1. Establishment of the Granite Dells Regional Park & Preserve

  • Advocate with the city, surrounding municipalities, county, and state for the creation of the Granite Dells Regional Park & Preserve

2. Open Space Protection

  • Seek permanent protection, by conservation easements or by other means, of all the natural
    open space land owned by the City of Prescott

  • Advocate in collaboration with other groups, such as the Granite Dells Preservation Foundation, for further high-quality open space acquisitions

  • Form a City of Prescott Open Space Commission

3. Water Sustainability

  • Advocate for a conservative, sustainable water management policy for Prescott and the region

  • Protect the flow of the upper Verde River

4. Wise Development (“Growth”) Policies

  • Advocate for development policies at the local, county, and state levels that reflect a forward-looking vision to maintain or enhance our quality of life with respect to desired population levels and all supporting infrastructure

5. Elections

  •  Identify, encourage, and support high-quality candidates for election to public offices at the local, county, and state level who reflect the concerns, values, and vision of our citizens.

  • Promote truth, transparency, and integrity at all levels of government

6. Regional Cooperation & Collaboration

  • Promote and facilitate true regional cooperation

  • Support and collaborate with individuals and organizations whose missions and goals align with those of Save the Dells and the citizens of the region

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