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local elections

planning our shared future

As we have seen over the past five years of work to save the heart of the Granite Dells from development, local leadership plays the determining role in the outcome of high-impact community decisions like the proposed Arizona Eco Development annexation, the allocation of water resources, and the planning of our shared future.


We need local leadership at a municipal, county, and regional level that champion conservation and responsible water management and commit wholly to an ethic of transparency and public representation in these decisions.

stay tuned for updates on 2022 election information at the state and quad cities level !

the voters take a stand | two elections that shaped prescott history

Save the Dells has endorsed candidates that embody and prioritize these values at the Prescott city level in the 2019 and 2021 elections, to incredible success! Prescott's voters have spoken, confirming that water, growth, open space conservation, and quality of life are critical community issues for us all.





On August 3rd, 2021 Prescott voters elected all three Save the Dells-endorsed candidates by landslide margins!

Despite unprecedented smear campaigning and dark money attempts to discredit the candidates, the same community-minded vision that  resonated with voters in 2019 prevailed. Phil Goode now serves as Prescott's new mayor, and Brandon Montoya and Eric Moore have joined council lineup. 

Among the first priority actions of the new council were the reinstatement of the "Call to the Public" open comment period and the review and revision of the municipal water policy.


Cathey Rusing.jpg

-Council, Mayor Pro Tem-

In 2019, Prescott voters made history when they elected Councilmember Cathey Rusing with almost 4,000 more votes than the next highest vote-getter.

Cathey distinguished herself as the only candidate to explicitly decline campaign contributions from developers, and ran on a platform of community-informed issues. She has championed the Save the Dells mission of preserving the Granite Dells as a Regional Park & Preserve.  

Cathey Rusing currently serves as Mayor Pro Tem for the Prescott City Council, appointed by new Prescott Mayor Phil Goode. 

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