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The heart of the granite dells protected forever

The Granite Dells Regional Park (GDRP) is a solution that can work for all and a way to preserve open space and support Prescott's growing population. View development maps below to learn more.

Arizona eco development map

As proposed in AED's 2019 revised annexation and rezoning application.


Granite Dells Regional Park Map

Here's what the people have planned for The Dells (click to enlarge)

Dells View to NW.jpg


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Glassford Hill Controlled Access Highway


Developers have eyed the rolling grasslands of Chino Valley for years. This map, from August 3, 2006 and posted on Arizona Eco Development’s website, shows a proposed roadway connecting Glassford Hill Road in Prescott Valley to Outer Loop Road in Chino Valley. The road conveniently connects sections of land owned by Arizona Eco Development, shown in yellow. Massive public expenditures would be requested by Arizona Eco Development for this highway that would facilitate their cashing in on land currently taxed at agricultural tax rates. 

Granite Dells State Park Study Area

Granite Dells State Park Study Area.jpg

In 2017, Arizona State Parks and the Trust for Public Land met in Prescott to consider the Granite Dells for designation of a new State Park. This idea was first floated more than fifty years ago by Senator Barry Goldwater.

AED Homestead Master Plan for Annexation

AED South Annexation Master Plan.jpg

This is the official map that Arizona Eco Development submitted in their final annexation and rezoning application to the City of Prescott on August 3, 2018. The plan includes 1,185 homes across 600 acres, with 266 acres offered as open space. Open space is defined as any land that is not developable. Approximately 600 homes and hotel rooms and 8 miles of roads are proposed for in the Granite Dells.

AED Annexation Overall Map

AED Annexation Sept. 12 2017.jpg

Arizona Eco Development presented their concept plan to the Prescott City Council on September 12, 2017. This map, presented at that meeting, shows AED’s many developments, including 

• Jasper (2,900+ homes in Prescott Valley)

• North Annexation (1,500 manufactured homes, industrial, commercial, and airport extension lands)

• Homestead, now called South Annexation (1,750 homes, including ~600 homes and hotel rooms in the Dells)

• Fann Contracting’s “The Dells” subdivision (900+ homes bridging two of AED’s projects)

• A red blotch where AED is developing commercial and industrial space

• A 100-acre portion of the Storm Ranch, which AED tried to purchase from willing owners, but did not

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