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The Prescott City Council has recently approved Deep Well Ranch, an 1,800 acre development that will add more than 10,000 homes over the next few decades.


And the Prescott Valley Council just approved Jasper, a 2,900 home development on the north slopes of Glassford Hill.


This is in addition to the currently in-progress Granite Dells Estates, which will include more than 900 homes on 1,110 acres just northeast of the Dells, and Walden Ranch, which is bringing 215 homes just to the northwest of the Dells.


Urban sprawl is creeping ever closer to one of Arizona's most spectacular natural wonders: the Granite Dells.


Save the Dells’ goal is to permanently preserve the remaining undeveloped portions of the Granite Dells (the Dells) as part of a publicly accessible Granite Dells Regional Park.


Our goals reflect the majority wishes of the Prescott community and the stated objectives of Prescott’s General Plan and Open Space Master Plan.


These park lands should be preserved in their natural state as much as possible, while still allowing activities that have minimal impact such as hiking, biking, rock climbing, and horse riding.


Here's what's at risk:

Views of what Arizona Eco Development could destroy.

A Valley Rich With Life at Risk of Loss

A view into Arizona Eco Development’s proposed subdivision. AED’s plan includes a major arterial road running up the floodplains of No-Name Creek, shown here. The lush cottonwood forests in the center of the photo are irreplaceable wildlife habitat.




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what the experts are saying

"The Granite Dells are one of the original places I started teaching outdoor survival skills. From various media to the Yavapai Tribe, to Prescott High school students and the Ecosa Institute, the Dells are a unique natural habitat that not only teach people to stay alive but inspire respect for the outdoors. The Dells need careful consideration in land use planning - and they need conservation - to be certain they continue to teach and inspire generations to come."

-Cody Lundin

Professional survival instructor, Aboriginal Living Skills School founder, best-selling author, TV host.






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